National Egg Cream Day is March 15th

National Egg Cream day is a celebration of the American Soda Fountain the delicacies that can only be had at one. Whether it is a Rickey, a Lime Fizz, and Egg Cream or any one of hundreds of local and regional delicacies that can only be found at a true soda fountain, National Egg Cream day celebrates them all.

Since its invention in New York City during the late 1800's the Egg Cream has been a traditional drink of the American Soda Fountain.

Despite it's name, this drink made of U-Bet Chocolate syrup, Milk and Seltzer drink contains no egg and no cream. The original of the drink and its name is shrouded in mystery. Although there are only three ingredients, techniques vary tremendously and are one of the secrets kept by a master Soda Jerk.

This drink is elusive and ephemeral due to its very nature. It must be enjoyed within minutes of its creation or it falls flat. Add to that, the current rarity of a true soda fountain. Without this specialized equipment and the skills of a Soda Jerk, a proper egg cream just can not be made.

The drink originated in 19th century New York City, and there are many stories about how it's name came to be. Some say it originally contained an egg. Others say it comes from the yiddish word "Echt" which means real or good cream. Still others say it was the product of a New York accent, turing a french drink name, "chocolate et creme" into a "Chocolate Egg Cream." No matter why its name came to be, the egg cream is a tradition of the American Soda Fountain that still lives around the country.



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